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About Us


Currently based in Charlo, Port Elizabeth, a small IT company with a big heart.

We offer onsite callouts to all our clients, whatever their requirements are, with an offer of a workshop at Natural IT for the long repair jobs that need the extra touch from us, but saves the client money.



Who are we? A little in depth information on who we are.

Meet Michael Hutchinson, with over 16 years of IT experience, he is the main owner of this company, and with a passion to give IT support a new level to the clients, to make sure they get what they paid for, and that all IT operations are preformed Naturally, just like the way they are suppose to be. In a way that even the little old granny or a non-IT intelligent person can understand what is happening and why this happened.

"Every callout, every job, every service is a learning curve in life, and we all have to keep learning."

With a few degrees and qualifications to his name, a father and a husband, his dream is to build a worthy IT company, where everyone can say, "that guy fixed my problem, simple and not expensive".

Married to Sheroda Hutchinson, whom is co-owner of Natural IT, and with two kids, they run Natural IT as a family business with dreams to expand and grow.

MCP; MCSE; Dip.Web & Graphics Design; Dip. PC Eng; CEAB (2009); SEAT Lv6; MCT; UM/ULC/OM