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VPS Servers
VPS hosting as a cost-efficient solution comes right in the middle of dedicated and webspace hosting product ranges and provides you with the advantages of both of these types. We use a virtualization solution based on KVM and hardware that corresponds to the latest state of the art. Furthermore you are provided with guaranteed RAM and disk space. Customize your virtual private server to suit your needs and select the operating system (Linux or Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008) of your choice. To manage and administer your virtual machine, you can optionally choose between Parallels Plesk, cPanel/WHM and Webmin. Decide now and rely on high-quality, powerful VPS hosting solutions.
CPU Single Core, 3.2Ghz Two Cores, 3.2Ghz Six Cores, 3.2Ghz
RAM 4 GB (Guaranteed) 14 GB (Guaranteed) 30 GB (Guaranteed)
Disk Storage 500 GB 1 000GB 2 000GB
Port/Bandwidth 100 Mbit/s port / UNLIMITED Traffic 100 Mbit/s port / UNLIMITED Traffic 100 Mbit/s port / UNLIMITED Traffic
Operating Systems

Linux and Win Server 2008
Standard Edition

Linux and Win Server 2008
2012 or 2008 available

Linux and Win Server 2008
2012 or 2008 available

Root Access via SSH
IP v4 Address(es) 1x 1x 1x
IP v6 Address(es) 65,535 65,535 65,535
Data Center      
Highly Efficient Cooling System
Monthly Rental Fee R155.00 R235.00 R375.00
Setup Fee R 300.00 Once Off R 300.00 Once Off R 300.00 Once Off
  **Until End April 2015 - No Setup FEE

*Unlimited traffic: No additional costs due to traffic (if average traffic consumption continuously exceeds 60 Mbit/s over a timespan of at least 5 days the connection is switched to 10 Mbit/s).

*All prices above were updated on 20 April 2015 and is subject to change without notice, including the monthly/bi-annual subscriptions, as all prices are calculated to the best price based on the RAND/DOLLAR exchange. As much as we do not wish to change the pricing, we try to keep these prices as long as possible for you.

**Special - valid until end of April 2015 - or whilst Supplier special is running.

Terms and Conditions Apply. E & OE. No Refunds are given once order is completed. Please ask your questions before ordering.